Giving Should be Good for Business Seminars

Giving Should be Good for Business SeminarsAs you build out content for your next partner meeting, retreat or professional development program, consider taking a look at how charitable giving can help you address some of your biggest challenges, and take advantage of business growth opportunities. CauseWay’s Giving Should be Good for Business Seminars can be customized to complement whatever program format and timing you have in mind, and can also be expanded to become interactive workshops.

Topics include:

Building Firm Loyalty Among Millennials
Members of Gen Y believe that as civic-minded and active participants in today’s world, it is up to each of us to make an enduring, positive impact. They are therefore more likely to build their careers with firms that have a similar belief about our responsibility to improve our collective future.

Deepening Your Client Relationships Via Charitable Collaboration
Partnering or aligning with your clients in a cause initiative creates a solid foundation for deep, long-term, multi-faceted relationships.

Growing a Shared Culture in a Post-Merger Environment
Cultural integration is often the single biggest challenge during a merger or acquisition. Executed properly, the introduction of a firm-wide, cause program can serve as the “something new” that puts firms on the path to post-merger success.

Reducing Lateral Turnover
Competition for exceptional performers is intense and promises to step up even further. A meaningful cause program creates the sort of positive organizational culture that makes people want to join a firm and stay there.

Beyond Pro Bono – Layering on a Charitable Program to Grow Your Signature Giving Back Platform
Firms have realized great gains from pro bono programs structured to optimize training and development opportunities and build differentiated brands. Take signature programs to the next level by applying the same rigor and structure to charitable giving.

Meeting Marketplace Demands: From Diversity to Sustainability to Charitable Giving
Like diversity and sustainability programs before, nearly every Fortune 1000 company has a strategic, signature cause program in place and is beginning to expect their service partners to operate with a similar commitment to the community and world at large. Are you prepared to deliver?

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