Signature Cause Platforms

Signtaure Cause PlatformsCauseWay’s signature cause program development process helps firms build an authentic cause brand on a foundation of your core business, institutional values, corporate culture, organizational footprint and community/client expectations. We do so through a multi-phased process that includes extensive research, strategic planning, internal and external communication, training and ongoing monitoring, reporting and refinement.

Internal Audit
How do you currently support causes? What causes are important to your firm leadership, employees and clients? How does your business align with important societal issues? What are your business priorities? What cultural barriers exist to implementing a strategic cause branding program?

CauseWay has developed proprietary tools to analyze your brand, culture, key stakeholders’ needs, goals and challenges to identify the most advantageous cause alliances. Analysis of the competitive landscape is built into the process to ensure market differentiation.

Cause and Partner Analysis
Maybe the audit reveals you want to give to causes that support education, or that you want to make a meaningful contribution to eradicating a particular disease, or perhaps that you want to focus your giving in one region. Once a succinct direction for your cause brand is determined, CauseWay will identify a short list of the most suitable charitable partners. We then manage an RFP process to solicit alliance proposals from each organization, analyze the proposed programs and work with our clients to select your perfect partner or partners.

Implementation and Project Management
CauseWay will work with your in-house team and charity partner to create a strategic plan including deliverables, tactics, communications and measurable goals. The plan will include goals and tactical steps for every facet of the partnership you have deemed important, such as media relations, event sponsorship, employee volunteerism, in-kind donations, workplace giving, cause marketing campaigns and more.

Internal Communications and Training
Internal education is key in integrating a cause into your culture and maximizing your ROI. CauseWay will help you develop internal communication plans and programs to ensure your internal cause team is able to lead and grow the initiative and that everyone in your organization is engaged and able to serve as an evangelist.

Monitoring, Reporting and Reassessment
The professional and financial services industries are always changing, and your cause branding program must evolve with market realities. CauseWay has developed proprietary tools to evaluate the success of cause programs and offer strategies for refinement. The only thing worse than not having a strategic cause brand is continuing to invest in one that is no longer effective.

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