Accelerator Modules

Accelerator ModulesCauseWay’s Accelerator Modules are focused initiatives designed for your firm to realize the power of strategic charitable giving to deliver significant business value.

Charitable Giving Audit
Your firm gives a great deal to charity and supports many worthy causes. We will uncover giving patterns and roll them up into a natural but impactful cause brand that will bolster public relations, business development, recruiting and more.

Client Giving Audit
How are your top clients giving? We will uncover their giving patterns and develop a program that will align you with them for more meaningful relationship building.

On-Campus Recruiting
How do you differentiate yourself on campus? Given that a firm’s commitment to a cause matters more to members of the millennial generation or “Gen Y” than any other, let CauseWay help you weave a charitable component into your recruiting efforts as a means to truly set your firm apart.

Industry Focus
Interested in deepening your footprint in a given industry sector? We will establish cause programs for key practice groups that will resonate within a particular industry.

Multi-office Collaboration Project
Looking to build synergy between several practice offices? We will help you use a cause program as a platform for collaboration and authentic relationship building.

New Regional Market Penetration
As you begin to plan to open a new office, we will audit your top clients and prospects in the market and community needs and provide an action plan for implementing a cause program that will amplify your success.

Beyond Pro Bono – Layering on a Meaningful Charitable Program
Your firm has realized great gains from its pro bono program. Take your signature program to the next level through the addition of a synergistic signature charitable giving effort. CauseWay will help you identify the right charitable initiative to augment your signature program.

Charitable Giving Build-out
Are you currently only supporting charities via financial gifts? We will help you build out a program to include volunteerism and pro bono activities for a deeper level of engagement, greater impact, and more ROI than from financial gifts alone. Our deliverable includes a strategic plan to guide your in house team every step of the way.

Make Milestones More Meaningful
Celebrate a firm anniversary or milestone by giving back to the communities or industries that have helped you achieve it by introducing a special philanthropic initiative. CauseWay will deliver a recommended charitable initiative based on your desired milestone goals.


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